SailSImXL for iPad now on iTunes

SailSimXL the iPad only stream of SailSim is now available in the itunes store

Harbour Exchange Review

Read the latest review of SailSim at Harbour Exchange ....There are two very good reasons to buy this application

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SailSIm v3.0.2 now shipping

Wednesday, October 14th 2009, The Digital Forge is pleased to announce that SailSim v3.0.2 is available for sale on iTunes. Version 3 of SailSim adds yet another slew of functionality to the popular sailing simulator for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Version 3 is a FREE UPGRADE to exisiting SailSim users.


SailSim featured by New York Times

Tom Lochhaas at writes:

Sailing Simulator App for iPhone
Friday August 7, 2009
Well, here it is: another new sailing app for the iPhone. Twice before I’ve written about fun things that you can do with your iPhone on a sailboat that might dangerously distract you from the sailing at hand. But SailSim is different—this one is actually pretty cool.

LedOthel Rated *****

Princess Juliet says. "I love it. Looking forward to the pro to come out." Good news, Princess, we have decided to add 'pro' features into the free version. Version 2.0 is now in review at the iTunes app store.

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