NavStation is a utility to aid boat navigators. It uses the iPhone 3G's in-built GPS to fix a position and then displays this in three common formats - Decimal Degrees (d), Degrees + Decimal Minutes (D m) and Degrees + Minutes + Decimal Seconds (D M s). This allows for very simple plotting of positions on paper charts.

Nav Station also shows Course-Over-Ground (COG) in ∞(T), Speed-Over-Ground in kts as well as providing the time stamp of the latest fix.

GPS status is provided if off, acquiring a fix or fix accuracy strays outside 50 meters.

It offers both a day mode and a night mode for navigators wishing to preserve their night vision. Modes are switched by swiping the screen horizontally.

Battery life of the iPhone is also maximized by allowing for auto shutdown of the GPS hardware between fixes.

GPS hardware can also be manually toggled by swiping vertically.



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